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The Individualized Education Program Technical Assistance Center or IEP TA Center, formerly the Indiana IEP Resource Center, is a project of Indiana State University supported through Part B federal funds distributed by the Indiana Department of Education. The purpose of the center is to increase knowledge, skills, and capacity of Indiana educators to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. The IEP TA Center promotes inclusive education with a belief in shared responsibility and equitable access to a strong core curriculum with high-quality instruction benefiting all students. To fulfill this purpose, IEP TA Center staff provide professional learning, technical assistance, and resources to support educators in the field.

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In collaboration with the Indiana Department of Education, the IEP TA Center invites you to join our statewide conference, Elevating Education: Improving Outcomes for All. The conference, intended for general educators, special educators, and administrators, will take place at the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis and the Indiana Convention Center on December 3 & 4, 2024.


Parents & Families

While the IEP Technical Assistance Center is primarily a resource for teachers and administrators, we also partner with family support agencies and work to provide resources to help parents understand the IEP process.



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